Ballaghveny Landfill Enabling Works

Circular Economy

Location: Ballaghveny Landfill Enabling Works
Client: Tipperary County Council
Status: Ongoing
Overall Project Value: €2.4 M

Ballaghveny Landfill is owned by Tipperary County Council and has been used accept municipal solid waste in unlined and engineered non-hazardous waste cells. Waste acceptance ceased in February 2011 at which time there was a remaining void space of circa 300,000 tonnes.

Tipperary County Council sought and received approval from the Agency to re-open the site to fill in the remaining void and waste filling is planned to commence in September 2021.


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The enabling works carried out under public works contract condition PW-CF5 for minor building or civil engineering works designed by the Employer required:

  • Waste licence compliance and preparation of specified engineering work submissions
  • General site clearance
  • Modifications to groundwater monitoring
  • Cell remediation works to fix holes in basal cells liners in remaining cells and leak detection testing in advance of waste acceptance in all cells lagoons and tanks
  • Landfill gas management works to replace well heads and pipework on an existing cap and upgrade flare plinth for future Lo cal flare installation
  • New bunded leachate storage tank and upgraded leachate pumping system
  • Converting old leachate storage lagoon to a storm water attenuation lagoon
  • Upgrading site access roads and exit/entry ramps into remaining cells
  • New sub-station building
  • Upgrades to site M&E installation (air, power, water, telemetry, leachate pumping) and SCADA system
  • Development of a site asset register


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Empty space in the landfill that needed to be filled before the closure of the landfill can commence

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Years landfill closed temporarily (2011)

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€2.4 M

Overall project value

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Associate Director – Civil and Environmental Circular Economy Cork, Dublin or Carlow
Project Environmental Scientist Circular Economy Cork, Dublin or Carlow