Our services include:

  • Assessment of waste generation within a region
  • Identification of targets for reuse, recycling, recovery, disposal
  • Assessment of infrastructural requirements
  • Identification of best practice environmental options (BPEO)
  • Life cycle assessment of waste management options
  • Financial assessment.

Our Projects

Waste-Management-PlansWaste Management Plans for the South East Region

Client: South East Waste Management Region

Location:  South-east Ireland

Capital Value: n/a

Key Facts: Preparation of first Joint Waste Management Plan for the South East region and review.

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The South East Waste Management Plan recommended an integrated waste management system for the region, which included recovery and recycling with a full range of treatment systems including: biological treatment, thermal treatment with energy recovery, and residual landfill.

During plan preparation, a number of different waste management scenarios were examined by FT.  These scenarios varied mainly in that different options were considered for the treatment of residual waste.

FT also carried out financial modelling and a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for each of the scenarios identified.  The LCA assessment focused on the emissions from the waste treatment and disposal options for the waste streams.  In addition, a comprehensive review of the waste arisings in the Region was undertaken.  The most favourable scenario based on the findings of financial modelling and LCA was whereby all waste materials are collected in a 3 bin system, (dry recyclables, organic waste and residual waste), the waste material is taken to a material recovery facility where further recovery takes place.

The dry recyclable fraction is transferred for recycling, the organic fraction is composted to reduce the biodegradable content and the residual fraction is thermally treated with energy recovery.  The incombustible materials are finally landfilled with the ash.

dorsetDorset County Council Waste Management Strategy

Client: Dorset County Council

Location:  Dorset, UK

Capital Value: n/a

Key Facts: A review of the Municipal Waste Strategy was carried out by FT, in conjunction with UK partner Gifford. Delivery of the revised Strategy was required under a very tight timeline and the project team delivered a draft revised Strategy on programme in less than four months.

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The review of the Municipal Waste Strategy was undertaken by in four distinct stages:

The first stage of the review was the preparation of a scoping report that set the context and objectives for the review of the strategy.  This report sets out the basis of revised national and regional policies and objectives required to assess and progress the strategy.

The second stage of the review process was the preparation of a draft Waste Strategy, supported by a Strategic Environmental Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal, proposing a range of possible waste treatment options and strategies for consultation.  The Sustainability Appraisal undertaken comprised a life cycle assessment (LCA) of the waste treatment options identified.

Consultation on the draft Waste Strategy informed the very important third step of the review process prior to publication of the final Revised Dorset Waste Strategy.

jeaJeddah Solid Waste Data Assessment and Analysis Reporting

Client: AECOM

Location:  Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Capital Value: n/a

Key Facts: Development of a preliminary waste management strategy for the Governorate of Jeddah.

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Description: The JEA comprised 15 Data Assessment and Analysis Reports, each of which addressed key areas of concern regarding the human and natural environment in Jeddah.  One of these reports addresses solid waste management, and outlines the ‘statement of the environment’ with respect to solid waste management, through use of the DPSIR methodology (Driver, Pressure, State, Impact, Response). FT undertook a range of activities including:

  • Meeting key state bodies and institutions, private waste operators and universities
  • Visiting a number of landfills and waste management facilities to assess operational practices and waste management activities and efficiencies.
  • Undertaking waste characterisation surveys
  • Examining the effects that scavenging of kerbside bins has on waste composition
  • Benchmarking waste management activities in Jeddah against those of other Arab cities and countries
  • Assessment of the extent of unauthorised waste activities in Jeddah
  • Development of an Integrated Waste Management Plan for Jeddah.
  • Development of response plans and specific actions as part of the JESMP.


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