Croaghaun Wind Farm Ecological Services


Location: Carlow
Client: FuturEnergy Ireland
Status: In Planning

Fehily Timoney and Company were commissioned by FuturEnergy Ireland to provide planning, environmental and engineering consultancy services to deliver the Croaghaun Wind Farm through the planning system. As part of the FT multi-disciplined project team, the Ecology team managed all ecological inputs for the project which include the carrying out of Ornthology Surveys, Aquatic Surveys, Habitat and Mammal Surveys. The ecology team also prepared the Biodiversity Chapter of the EIAR and the Natura Impact Statement for the project.


Image of Croaghaun Wind Farm


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FT Responsibilities

  • Leading the pre-application consultation with Carlow County Council, NPWS, IFI and all other relevant statutory and non-statutory Consultees
  • Habitat surveys including releve surveys for potential Annex I habitats (heathland)
  • Mammal surveys along the footprint of the proposed development for Badger, Otter, Pine Marten, Red Squirrel, etc.
  • Extensive bat surveys including the following elements: Roost surveys including emergence surveys and assessment of bridges along the grid route options, Monthly activity surveys using both automated detectors and frequency division detectors, Analysis of time and GPS stamped sonograms of bat calls from resultant surveys
  • Specialist botanical surveys to assess the value of habitats and rare species of flora
  • Invasive species surveys
  • Aquatic ecology surveys for the following species; Lamprey (3 species), Atlantic Salmon, Brown Trout, White-clawed Crayfish, Angling species, Potential Annex I aquatic habitats, Invasive aquatic species
  • Ecological constraints mapping to design the wind farm layout with the least ecological impact



  • Biodiversity (Terrestrial, Aquatic and Avian Ecology) Chapter of the EIAR
  • Preparation and coordinating EIAR and NIS figures including bird flight path maps, habitat maps,
  • Bat activity maps and designated site maps
  • Preparation of the Stage One Appropriate Assessment Screening Report and Stage 2 Natura Impact Statement
  • Preparation of haulage route ecological appraisal
  • Preparation and review of the outline CEMP for Ecology/NIS
  • Preparation of Invasive Species Management Plan

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Available positionsAll Careers

Position Sector Location
Senior Ecologist – Bat Specialist Ecology Cork, Dublin or Carlow
Senior Ecologist – Botanist Specialist Ecology Cork, Dublin or Carlow
Senior Ecologist Ecology Cork, Dublin or Carlow
Senior Project Ecologist Ecology Cork, Dublin, Carlow
Principal Ecologist Ecology Cork, Dublin or Carlow