8 Mar 2023

FT joins Biomethane Industrial Partnership



Fehily Timoney and Company has joined the Biomethane Industrial Partnership (BIP) as an associated member.

The goal of the BIP is to achieve the Biomethane production goal of the European Commission’s REPower EU plan, delivering 35 billion cubic metres of biomethane by 2030. Biomethane is the cheapest and most rapidly scalable renewable gas available today. The development of this sector in Ireland has the potential to substantially contribute toward achieving greenhouse gas emission reduction targets defined under the CAP23.

As a member, FT is supporting the delivery of this plan in Ireland through the provision of planning and environmental consultancy services to the Biomethane production sector. FT are involved in several planning applications and EIARs for proposed Biomethane production facilities across the country. The development of these facilities will result in increased Biomethane production capacity, which will lead to a more resilient and decarbonised energy system nationally.

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Please contact info@ftco.ie to progress with this application.