Our range of services includes:

  • Design and execution of ambient air monitoring programmes for NOx, SOx, CO, PM10 & PM2.5, CH4, Total Dust Deposition and VOCs
  • Air dispersion prediction modelling (BREEZE ROADS, BREEZE AERMOD, CALPUFF, ADMS & DMRB Screening Model)
  • Preparation of interpretative reports
  • Production of air emission inventories
  • National guidance notes on emission monitoring and management
  • Expert witness

Landfill Flare And Gas EmissionsGuidance Note on the Monitoring and Management of Landfill Gas Flare and Engine Emissions (AG7)

Client: Environmental Protection Agency (IRE)

Location: Ireland

Capital Value: N/A

Key Facts: Preparation of a guidance document outlining best practice in the area of landfill flare and landfill gas engine emissions monitoring and management.

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This guidance note introduced the concept of site specific risk assessments to allow landfill operators to deviate from licence conditions on sites where gas generation levels were declining once it could be demonstrated that there was no environmental or health & safety risk.

FT in association with Site Right Environmental were appointed to prepare this national guidance note.  Its preparation was broken down into two phases:

Phase 1 – Preparation of a review document outlining the approach to landfill flare and landfill gas engine emission monitoring in Europe and the US.

Phase 2 – Preparation of a national guidance document outlining specific emission monitoring requirements & methods for flares and engines (i.e. allowable emissions and monitoring frequency); clear guidance on the reporting requirements for compliance assessment; and guidance for assessing flare and engine performance and efficiency.

The guidance document included a review of suitable management techniques for older landfill with declining landfill gas production and methane concentration.

Air Emission Inventory And Air Quality Assessment JeddahAir Emission Inventory and Air Quality Assessment for Governorate of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Client: AECOM

Location: Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Capital Value: N/A

Key Facts: The Jeddah Environmental Assessment (JEA) and Jeddah Environmental and Social Master Plan (JESMP) had an overall objective to advance Jeddah from its current state to that of a world class sustainable city.

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The JESMP looked at 15 environmental topics including air quality which was one of the key concerns of the Governate of Jeddah.

FT was responsible for the delivery of all aspects of the air quality brief which included; the evaluation of the current state of air quality in Jeddah, the identification of emission sources that had the greatest influence on air quality, and the development of achievable and measurable improvement measures that will improve air quality in the future.  FT:

  • Undertook a desk based assessment, to assess available data on historical air quality and identified impacts and risks on air quality in the region.
  • Designed and procured an air quality monitoring network to assess the current state of air quality
  • Developed an emission inventory (EI) and air dispersion model for major air pollution sources including:
    • Points sources such as desalination plants, power plants, oil refineries, and other major manufacturing facilities
    • Area sources such as wastewater treatment plants, solid waste disposal sites, major construction sites, and mineral processing
    • Mobile sources such as the King Abdulaziz International Airport and the Jeddah Islamic Port
  • Prepared an assessment and analysis report for air quality, which fed into a ‘Summary State of the Environment Report’ for Jeddah.
  • Identified the potential policy and regulatory options to improve air quality in Jeddah.

Air Prediction Modelling - Eli LillyAir Prediction Modelling – Eli Lilly

Client: Eli Lilly (Irish Branch)

Location: Cork, Ireland

Capital Value: N/A

Key Facts: FT has been conducting air impact assessments for Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Corporation Eli Lilly for over 20 years.

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The facility manufactures pharmaceutical and veterinary products and it operates under an Industrial Emission Licence (IPPC) from the Environmental Protection Agency (IRE), with the air impact assessments required to demonstrate compliance with licence conditions.

FT has modelled point, volume, and fugitive emission from on-site thermal oxidisers and scrubbers using the Breeze Software ISCT3 and AERMOD packages; and fugitive emissions using the programme TANK. These modelling exercises have covered a range of pollutants including solvents and combustion gases. FT also investigated the use of alternative fuels in on-site boilers which traditionally operated on heavy fuel.  The aim of this particular exercise was to identify a suitable alternative fuel source which would lower emissions from the boilers to within IPPC licence limits.



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