Our range of services includes:

  • Site feasibility including resource assessment
  • Statutory consent including planning, environmental impact statement preparation & discharge licence consent
  • Traffic impact assessments & junction capacity assessments
  • Detailed design
  • Surface water, groundwater, noise and air – monitoring and modelling
  • Environmental management systems
  • Geotechnical design
  • Rehabilitation and restoration plans


Our Projects

SilverminesRemediation of Silvermines

Client: SRK Consulting

Location: Tipperary, Ireland

Capital Value: €10 M


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Key Facts: This project included the:

  • Rehabilitation of a Tailings Management Facility including; the capping and vegetation of the facility, acid mine drainage (AMD) management and buttress reinforcement
  • Shaft safety works, drainage improvement works, mine waste management and mine heritage protection
  • Design of a passive treatment system including; a attenuation pond, settling ponds, constructed wetlands and anaerobic cells for the treatment of mine influenced waters and acid mine drainage
  • Construction of an engineered cell for containment of in-situ and imported mine wastes, importation and filling with mine wastes, capping of the filled cell.


FT was appointed by SRK Consulting to assist them in the delivery of a number of projects within the Silvermines complex.  Works carried out by the team included:

  • Detailed design including: mine waste management facility, passive treatment system, tailings management facility capping works, drainage diversions, erosion control, demolition works, shaft safety works, and remediation of informal mine waste dumps
  • Completion of environmental impact statement and waste licence application for mine waste management facility
  • Preparation of construction contract documents
  • Management of tendering process for various contracts including: pre-qualification and shortlisting, invitation to tender, tender assessment and recommendation
  • Contract administration
  • Resident engineering supervision
  • Undertaking the role of Health and Safety Coordinator, (PSDP)
  • Liaison with local residents committee, and landowners

Asphalt-PlantStatutory Consent for an Asphalt Plant, Kerry, Ireland

Client: Roadstone Wood

Location: Kerry, Ireland

Capital Value: N/A

Key Facts: Planning and an air emission licence applications for the construction and operation of an asphalt plant (M2000 Parker Plant) at a sand and gravel pit.

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FT prepared a planning application including; environmental report, air emissions licence application and traffic impact assessment, for submission to the planning authority.  The contents of these applications were scoped by FT.

A site specific air prediction model was conducted using Breeze Aermod for three possible fuel types: Mineral Gas Oil, 11LS and Light Fuel Oil, with outputs from the model compared against limits set in the EU Ambient Air Quality Directive (EU 2008/50/EC).

At the request of the planning authority, a preliminary traffic impact assessment was prepared for the access junction to the site using the modelling software PICADY.  This determined the existing traffic conditions on the access road, predicted traffic generation figures for the proposed plant and assessed the impact on the receiving road network.

Planning permission and an air emission licence was granted by the planning authority.


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