Our range of services includes:

  • Preliminary and detailed design including hydraulic modelling using Epanet, Windes Microdrainage, and Infoworks
  • Constraints studies and route assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Public Consultation and oral hearing
  • Planning and cost estimation
  • Project management
  • Procurement
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction supervision.

Our Projects

Sajja-LandfillSajja Landfill, Emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates – Handover Facilitator and Operation Support

Client: Bee’ah The Sharjah Environmental Company

Location: Emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Capital Value: N/A

Key Facts: A facility of approx. 400 hectares with an annual intake of approx. 2.5 million tonnes of waste including municipal solid waste (MSW), construction and demolition (C&D), timber, tyres and hazardous waste.

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In addition to the landfill, the facility also contains a 500,000 tonnes per annum Material Recovery Facility (MRF), a 2,500 tonnes per day C&D recycling facility, a tyre recovery facility (TRF) and a composting plant. FT was appointed as the facilitator for the handover of operations from the previous operator (Emirates Environmental Technology) to Bee’ah The Sharjah Environmental Company.  Our appointment was subsequently extended to provide operational support to Bee’ah as the new operator of the facility.

FT provided an onsite team of engineers and scientists to supervise the handover from the existing operator to our client.  Our duties included:

Facility audit and synthesis report (this included operational recommendations for all waste types, a gas prediction model for the MSW cells, assessment of environmental impacts, recommendation as to restoration and aftercare considerations, review of traffic management, review of financial model for the facility, review of onsite health and safety and compilation of appropriate international standards and guidance on best practice)

  • Onsite supervision and management of MSW/C&D/Hazardous waste operations
  • Development of conceptual master plans for the site
  • Development and management of reshaping and capping proposals for the landfill to minimise visual impact
  • Preparation of void space and earthworks assessments
  • Development of plans for haul roads and tipping areas
  • Preparation of Report on Organisational Structure including job descriptions
  • Gathering and preparation of as built drawings of landfill, C&D plant, MRF
  • Development of administrative procedures and guidelines for the facility including calculation sets, method statements and risk assessments.
  • Coordination of a topographical survey
  • Preparation of a performance specification for new automated reporting system
  • Procurement of an upgrade to on site weighbridge systems
  • Provision of advise in relation to landfill plant/machinery needs
  • Development of a Draft Environmental Monitoring Plan.

arthrstownArthurstown Landfill, Kildare, Ireland

Client: Roadbridge Ltd/South Dublin County Council

Location: Kildare, Ireland

Capital Value: c. €45 million

Key Facts: Designer of and provision of operational support for Ireland’s largest landfill.

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It accepts 600,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste per annum and is Ireland’s only baled waste landfill.  FT has acted as designers in the Design Build Partnership with Roadbridge Ltd since development commenced in 1996.

FT was initially appointed by South Dublin County Council to design and supervise the remediation works of an unauthorised waste disposal area at the site.  This work was carried out in 1996, and included the placement of 45,000m² of landfill capping and the construction of a “cut-off” wall comprising bentonite-cement slurry with a maximum hydraulic conductivity of 1 x 10-9m/s (600mm wide x 20m deep x 970m long).

Subsequent to this, the development of a fully engineered, EU Landfill Directive compliant non-hazardous landfill has been carried out under a design-build contract, with Roadbridge Ltd as Contractor, and FT as the Designer.  Under this contract, FT has designed and supervised the construction of over 200,000m² of fully engineered landfill lining, constructed on a phased basis, with a total waste disposal void of over 4.8 million tonnes of waste.

FT has designed and supervised the phased restoration of the facility, comprising capping (in accordance with the EU Landfill Directive) of over 235,000m², in eight phases from 2002-2013.  The restoration design included the following elements: landscape plan, vegetation, soil layers, drainage layer, impermeable barrier layer, leachate re-circulation system, gas collection & control systems, surface water management, and stability Assessment

In addition to the above services, FT have provided the following services:

  • Design of the leachate collection system and sequencing batch reactor (SBR) treatment plant upgrade including all civil, M&E and SCADA works to double its capacity to treat up to 300 m³/day
  • Detailed review of gas treatment capacity for South Dublin County Council, including the calibration of the gas prediction model (GasSIM) for site specific conditions and assessment of the requirement in terms of landfill gas flares and engines for the future
  • Preparation and submission of a planning application and Environmental Impact Statement for extension of time for facility operation
  • Extensive operational support, including:
    • onsite management of landfill gas systems
    • monitoring and reporting of environmental data
    • compliance with Waste Licence conditions
    • preparation and submission of landscaping plans for the site.

HolmestownHolmestown Waste Management Facility, Wexford, Ireland

Client: Wexford County Council

Location: Wexford, Ireland

Capital Value: €13.5 million

Key Facts: Site selection, detailed design, procurement, contract site selection, detailed design, procurement, contract management and licence support for the development and operation of a non-hazardous MSW landfill.

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FT has been the designer for all landfill development works at the facility (two phases constructed to date, with a combined void of over 400,000m³).  Our duties included:

  • Preparation of waste licence compliance reports for submission to the Environmental Protection Agency (IRE)
  • Procurement and supervision of site investigation works
  • Design, specification and onsite construction supervision of:
    • Site access road
    • Landfill cells
    • Leachate management system and treatment plant
    • Landfill gas management
    • Stormwater management including flood attenuation
    • Administration building
    • Public Recycling Centre
  • Preparation of tender documents and construction drawings
  • Management of tendering process including tender assessment and recommendation
  • Contract administration (i.e. attendances at client review and site meetings and provision of construction support to the Contractors)
  • Provision of Resident Engineer (on-site supervision) services for the execution of the works.


FT prepared contract documents for the installation of a twin line gas collection system which allows gas to be sent either to the ‘high quality’ or ‘poor quality’ gas lines, dependant on methane content.  High quality gas may ultimately be utilised for energy generation, while the poor quality gas is sent to the flare, via a carbon filter for combustion to neutralise odours and minimise the emission of greenhouse gases from the site.

Since our appointment FT has provided extensive operational support including:

  • Void capacity analyses for all phases of the development
  • Detailed review of traffic management and routing options within the site
  • Planning of waste placement activities
  • Selection and analysis of daily cover material
  • Analysis of historical surface water & groundwater data & establishment of trigger levels for emissions
  • Ecological monitoring services including badger sett inspections, bat box visits/maintenance, and night-time bat surveys
  • Investigation of naturally occurring levels of methane and carbon dioxide and impact assessment
  • Baseline Biological Assessment of watercourses within the site boundary and submission of report to the EPA
  • Preparation of Emergency Response Procedures
  • Preparation of Waste Recovery Reports
  • Development of an Environmental Management System for the site
  • Noise modelling
  • Odour management
  • Preparation of Environmental Liabilities Risk Assessment and Closure Restoration and Aftercare Management Plan for the site.

PowerstownExtension of Powerstown Landfill, Carlow, Ireland

Client: Carlow County Council

Location: Carlow, Ireland

Capital Value: c. €13 million

Key Facts: Statutory consent applications, detail design, procurement and contract management of four engineered cells on a vulnerable aquifer.

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The landfill was situated on a regionally important aquifer and so required a landfill lining system higher than that set for non-hazardous landfills.  The lining system proposed by FT comprised of a protective geotextile 2.5mm HDPE on a leak detection geocomposite on 2.5mm HDPE on 0.5m of bentonite enhanced soil (BES) at a hydraulic conductivity on 5 x 10-11m/s.  The BES material was batched on site, using site won material.  The geotextile was overlain by a leachate drainage stone layer (0.5m layer, with hydraulic conductivity of 1 x 10-3m/s).  FT specified a non-calcareous stone to be used in the drainage layer, to mitigate the potential impacts of ion exchange between the sodium in the BES and the calcium which may be precipitated from the drainage stone.

FT’s design included a number of assessments of alternative lining technologies and make-ups; and assessment of the equivalent hydraulic conductivities and leakage rates from each alternative.  FT liaised with the Environmental Protection Agency (IRE) on the assessment of the alternative technologies and final approval of the proposed system which was encompassed into a waste licence review application for the site.

Once statutory consent had been secured (including planning), FT provided detailed design, specification, procurement, and contract supervision services for the construction of new landfill cells and capping of the existing cells.  The following services were provided by FT:

  • Preparation of Specified Engineering Works reports for submission to the regulatory authority
  • Detailed design for each element of the project, including civil, mechanical and electrical design
  • Preparation of tender documents for both civil and mechanical and electrical contracts
  • Management of tendering process
  • Tender assessment and recommendation
  • Construction support and project management
  • Preparation of Construction Quality Assurance reports
  • Contract Administration
  • Preparation of final account report.

In addition to the above services, FT provided the following additional supports to Carlow County Council:

  • Preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement and application for an extension of time for continued operation of the site
  • Preparation of a safety statement and operational Health and Safety Plan for the facility
  • Supervision of the refurbishment of the administration building at the site
  • Ongoing Waste Licence compliance support and environmental monitoring.

banemoreBanemore Ash Landfill, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Client: OES Consulting

Location: Kerry, Ireland

Capital Value: N/A

Key Facts: This site is a dedicated waste disposal facility for the deposition of fly ash from the coal fired steam boiler at a nearby food production facility.  The site comprises an exhausted quarry over an area of approximately 7.2ha and consists of worked shale and backfilled areas.

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FT were appointed to provide design and supervisory services in relation to this ash disposal landfill.  This included:

  • Design advisory services in relation to potential groundwater contamination
  • Detailed design services for landfill lining and capping, in accordance with the requirements of European Council Directive 1999/31/EC (the ‘Landfill Directive’)
  • Construction support and supervision of lining and capping works
  • Operational support, in relation to phasing of waste placement, management of surface water and leachate on site, and access within the site for operational vehicles.

Inert-LandfillDevelopment of an Inert Landfill At Beaumont Quarry, Cork, Ireland

Client: Cork City Council

Location: Cork City, Ireland

Capital Value: N/A

Key Facts: Statutory consent and preliminary design of an inert landfill at a disused limestone quarry.

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FT were appointed by Cork City Council to prepare and submit the statutory applications (including planning application, Environmental Impact Statement and waste licence application) for the development of the site as an inert landfill (i.e. the restoration of the excavated quarry with inert material) and the subsequent development of the site as a public amenity.

FT’s duties included:

  • Preliminary design of the landfill body including emission management
  • Coordinating and drafting all aspects of the EIS and waste licence application including all supporting drawings and figures
  • Liaising with statutory bodies and interest groups
  • Baseline environmental monitoring including: dust, noise, groundwater, surface water, ecology and traffic surveys
  • Design of site lay-out and associated essential infrastructure such as site drainage, bunds and settling ponds
  • Develop an onsite environmental compliance monitoring programme for during and after completion of site infilling
  • Noise and air quality modelling to determine impacts associated with the construction and infilling phases of the site.

The site was defined as an ‘inert landfill’ under the EU Landfill Directive.  Approximately 2.5ha of the total area will be used for the landfilling of inert waste with the remaining used for ancillary infrastructure and buffer zones.  It is proposed to deposit approximately 250,000 tonnes of inert waste (construction and demolition waste) over a 2 – 3 year period.



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