Our range of services includes:

  • Noise impact assessments
  • Design, recommendation and evaluation of noise mitigation measures
  • Peer review of third party reports and impact assessments
  • Planning compliance assessment of noise conditions
  • Baseline noise surveys including compliance monitoring for licenced/permitted sites
  • Occupational noise assessments
  • Noise nuisance investigation
  • Expert witness

Our Projects

Wind-Energy-Noise-AssessmentsWind Energy Noise Assessments

Client: Various clients including Bord Gais (Irish Gas Board), SSE Renewables, Element Power, ABO Wind, Coillte, Airtricity and Bord na Mona (Irish Peat Board)

Location: Ireland

Capital Value: N/A

Key Facts: Wind farm noise impact assessments as part of the Environmental Impact Statements for planning applications.

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FT undertakes noise impact assessments for wind energy developments in line with Irish and international best practice guidance.  FT has designed and provided long-term noise monitoring, undertaken noise and wind speed/shear analysis, and predictive modelling for the construction and operational phases of wind farms.

The list below includes some of the projects completed to date:

  • Greenwire energy export project
  • 9 turbine wind farm, Derrincullig, Co. Kerry
  • Acres wind farm, Co. Donegal
  • Gneeves Wind Farm Phase II, Co. Cork
  • Monaincha wind farm extension, Co. Tipperary
  • Ardglas wind farm, Co. Cork
  • 14 turbine windfarm, Barranafaddock, Co. Waterford
  • 6 turbine wind farm, Derragh, Co. Cork
  • 23 turbine wind farm, Seecon, Co. Galway
  • 15 turbine wind farm, Keelderry, Co. Galway
  • Kill Hill substation and modifications, Co. Tipperary
  • 22 turbine wind farm, Cloosh, Co. Galway
  • 30 turbine wind farm, Mountlucas, Co. Offaly

FT also provides planning due diligence to clients.  As part of this work FT reviewed noise planning conditions for enforceability and compliance with the Department of Environment Heritage and Local Governments (IRE) Wind Energy guidance.

Post completion measurements services are also provided to allow clients show compliance with planning conditions.

Noise-Assessment-for-Governorate-of-JeddahEnvironmental Noise Assessment for Governorate of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Client: Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (KSA)

Location: Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Capital Value: N/A

Key Facts: Jeddah city is the main settlement with a population of 3.5million.  Jeddah’s strategic importance to the KSA is linked to its close proximity to Mecca (located 65km west) and it has experienced rapid development in recent years with a population increase from 600,000 to nearly 3.5million from 2004 to 2010.

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FT in partnership with Ramboll Middle East was retained to conduct the Jeddah Environmental Assessment and develop the Jeddah Environmental and Social Master Plan for the Governorate of Jeddah. The Jeddah Environmental Assessment comprised 15 Data Assessment and Analysis Reports, each of which addressed key areas of concern regarding the human and natural environment in Jeddah.  Environmental noise was considered as a key area for study with particular focus on noise sensitive areas and major noise sources.

The study focused initially on a comprehensive desktop survey of available baseline noise data from research papers, environmental impact assessments, and academic studies.  Following the collection of baseline data, a city-wide noise monitoring strategy was developed to collect baseline levels at major noise sources and at noise sensitive locations.  Monitoring data was collected for twenty-four periods over weekdays and weekends to identify possible trends in daily activities.

Noise impacts were quantified at various types of noise sensitive locations by assessing the measured baseline noise levels with national noise limits and international benchmark limits.  These impacts were supplemented with findings from a project socio-economic survey which reported perception of environmental noise in Jeddah.

The legislative and institutional frameworks were also considered to establish strengths and weaknesses in the management and control of environmental noise in Jeddah.  Recommendations were proposed to strengthen the national environmental noise guidance together with proposals to develop the remit of the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment in their management of environmental noise.

Wind-Turbine-Operations-at-EPAGuidance Note on Noise Assessment of Wind Turbine Operations at EPA Licensed Sites (NG3)

Client: Environmental Protection Agency (IRE)

Location: Ireland

Capital Value: N/A

Key Facts: National guidance note on Noise Assessment of Wind Turbine Operations at sites licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency (IRE).

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The aims of the guidance note were:

  • To provide guidance on assessing the potential noise impact on noise sensitive locations (NSLs) from wind turbines on licensed sites
  • To provide a noise impact assessment methodology to ensure all data generated is reliable and recommendations are fully justifiable.

These guidance notes allow Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control licence holders and waste license holders to assess their own site suitability for wind turbines, based on the likelihood of noise nuisance arising from wind turbine operations, through the following:

  • Provide guidance on how to conduct the noise assessment in accordance with best practice standards and guidance
  • Provide guidance on how to conduct the noise modelling in accordance with the most applicable standards and guidance on how to produce reliable noise prediction data on which to analyse the risk of noise nuisance to the site’s nearest noise sensitive receptors
  • Allow licensees produce the necessary reports for the Agency and planning applications.

FT presented this guidance document at an Institute of Acoustics conference on Planning and Statutory Nuisance in January 2011.


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