Our services includes:

  • Hydrology studies
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Conceptual and detailed hydraulic design
  • Turbine selection
  • Conceptual and detailed civil design
  • Assessment of grid connection options/Power Purchase Agreement’s, etc
  • Rehabilitation of existing schemes
  • Preparation and evaluation of contract documents
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) assessment
  • Project management and site supervision



Our Projects

Lough-GuitaneLough Guitane Hydropower Project

Client: Kerry County Council

Location: Kerry, Ireland

Capital Value: €0.60 million

Key Facts: Design of a 250 kW hydropower scheme at Lough Guitane, near Killarney in County Kerry, Ireland.

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FT was engaged by Kerry County Council to design a hydropower scheme and to integrate the scheme into their existing Water Supply Scheme at Lough Guitane, Killarney, Co. Kerry. This 250 kW scheme harnesses potential energy from the existing Owgarriff Supply which is conveyed via an existing 500 mm diameter watermain. The generated electricity is used to power the pumps at the Lough Guitane pumphouse.

The existing power demand is approximately 280kW per hour and at full flow (12 MGD) the power available from the turbine is 235kW. The balance of the power will be supplied by national grid connection. Power can be generated by the turbine from flows of approximately 1 million gallons per day (MGD) to a maximum of 12 MGD.

Hags-GlenHags Glen Water Supply and Hydropower Project

Client: Kerry County Council

Location: Kerry, Ireland

Capital Value: €1.0 million

Key Facts: The water supply scheme from Loughs Gouragh and Callee in the Hags Glen catchment. Capacity of 14.5 million litres per day (MLD).  The hydropower element will have a capacity of c. 500 kW.

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The Hags Glen Water Supply and Hydropower scheme was proposed to supply water to the Mid-Kerry and Killorglin Water Supply Schemes, while also harnessing power from water in Loughs Gouragh and Callee, located on the slopes of Carrauntwohill Mountain.

FT was initially appointment to undertake a feasibility study and conceptual design for the water supply pipeline and hydropower scheme. This appointment was subsequently extended to carry out a detailed hydrological assessment of the catchment and following this, undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed scheme.



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