Our services include:

  • Market surveillance and intelligence gathering
  • Measuring manufacturer compliance in product composition and labelling
  • Retailer compliance in advertisement and participation in statutory take-back schemes
  • Measuring licence/permit compliance of waste management facilities
  • Compliance of agricultural holdings with statutory requirements in relation to water pollution


Our Projects

National Inspection Campaign on the Enforcement of EU ‘Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment, Batteries and Accumulators’ Regulations

Client: Environmental Protection Agency (IRE)

Location: Ireland

Capital Value: N/A

Key Facts: National inspection campaign to determine compliance levels of 300 pre-selected retail premises with legislative requirements.

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The campaign was run over an eight week period throughout Ireland. FT’s inspection teams developed protocols and plans which set out clear methodologies for conducting the unannounced inspections as well as ensuring consistency in the recording of information.

The focus of the inspections was:

  • To determine if the retail premises was registered with the appropriate national bodies including WEEE Ireland
  • The provision and appropriate advertisement of ‘take-back schemes’ for like for like products.
  • The correct storage of Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and Batteries prior to collection by permitted contractors.
  • The correct labelling of Electrical and Electronic Equipment covered by the legislation.

National Campaign on the Enforcement of Limitation of Emissions of VOC from Paints and Varnishes

Client: Environmental Protection Agency (IRE)

Location: Ireland

Capital Value: N/A

Key Facts: National inspection and monitoring campaign of 28 premises along with 621 product inspections to assess compliance with the European Directive on the limitation of Volatile Organic Emissions from Decorative Paints and Varnishes (Deco-Paints Directive).

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FT developed a national database of potentially obligated operators and subsequently designed and executed a nationwide inspection and monitoring programme to establish the compliance status of products listed in Annex I of the Directive.

26 products were subsequently sent for label verification analysis via ISO 11890-2/ASTMD 2369.  The results of the analysis indicated that one product was in breach of ISO 11890-2 while seven products were in breach of ASTMD 2369.  All eight products were Category 1 (Paints and Varnishes).

Following initial feedback from these inspections, a number of additional site visits (where no samples were procured) were requested by the Environmental Protection Agency, to investigate the reports of potential non-compliances and obtain further data regarding the alleged breaches.  A total of 12 additional site visits were carried out in areas which largely focused on vehicle refinishing products.  The purpose of these inspections was to verify that labelling on these Category II products was as required by the Regulations.

investigationsInvestigations into Unauthorised Waste Activities in Ireland

Client: Environmental Protection Agency (IRE)

Location: Ireland

Capital Value: N/A

Key Facts: National study on unauthorised waste activities in Ireland requiring data intelligence gathering data from each Local Authority on enforcement activities and on the extent of unauthorised waste movements in their functional areas.

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This information was subsequently used to develop guidance on the Investigation of Unauthorised Waste Activities.

FT in conjunction with La Touche Bond Training, designed and delivered a training course in Advanced Enforcement Procedures.  The purpose of this course was to give participants the skills necessary to investigate unauthorised waste activities and to take appropriate enforcement action.  The course provided an in-depth grounding on how the principal powers contained in Irish Legislation interact with the Irish criminal justice system.

The ultimate objective was to provide local authority staff with an understanding of:

  • Procedures involved with investigation, evidence-gathering, and prosecuting offences
  • The statutory framework and the key legislative powers under Irish waste management legislation
  • The nature of offences in relation to unauthorised waste activities under that legislation and the use of available statutory powers



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