FTC awarded Solid Fuel Regulations Contract

Posted by on Nov 2, 2012

FTC awarded Solid Fuel Regulations Contract

FTC was recently awarded a contract by the Local Authority National Training Group (LANTSG) to Develop a Guidance Document, Procedures and Training on Implementation of the Solid Fuel Regulations (SFR).

This guidance document is targeted at local authority enforcement staff responsible for ensuring compliance with the Solid Fuel Regulations (SFR) (S.I. No. 326 of 2012). The overall aim of the document is to provide an accessible ʻplain Englishʼ interpretation of the main provisions of the SFR as well as associated actions, including raising of awareness, to facilitate consistent and effective implementation and enforcement of the Regulations across all local authorities.

To complement the Guidance Document and to further assist LA enforcement staff a one-day training course was developed.

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