Our full range of services includes:

  • Inventory preparation
  • Transportation planning
  • Nutrient management planning
  • Treatment technology evaluation and selection
  • Economic evaluations
  • Biosolids re-use assessment
  • Carrying out pilot trials
  • Contract management including client representative, preparation of contract & tender documents, tender evaluation, construction supervision & project management
  • Preparation of biosolids management plans.

Our Projects

Codes Of Good PracticeCodes of Good Practice for the Use of Biosolids in Agriculture

Client: Department of Environment & Local Government (DoELG)

Location: Ireland

Capital Value: n/a

Key Facts: A national guidance document identifying good practice to be followed when applying biosolids to agricultural land in Ireland.

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This guidance document provides assistance to the producers and users of biosolids to ensure that it is beneficially reused in an environmentally sustainable manner when used as an organic fertiliser, in agricultural applications. The document provides guidance for local authority personnel, wastewater treatment plant operatives, farmers, and landspreading contractors regarding:

  • How to produce and maintain a quality biosolids product (treatment processes and operating conditions)
  • Parameters to be analysed and limits for application for heavy metals and micropollutants
  • Analysis and frequency of monitoring of soil and Biosolids (certificate of analysis)
  • Assessing suitable spreadlands and the preparation of nutrient management plans for these areas
  • Application rates and limits: hydraulic loading and best landspreading practices.

Sludge-Treatment-HubSludge Treatment Hub

Client: Kerry County Council

Location:  Co. Kerry, Ireland

Capital Value: €3.2 million

Key Facts: This municipal sludge treatment hub, the first of its kind in Ireland, treats all regional municipal sludge, with a population equivalent of approximately 160,000. The plant is located in a national park and required detailed consideration of the potential environmental impacts.

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The plant consists of imported sludge reception and mixing facilities, imported sludge holding tanks, feed tanks, thermophilic aerobic digestion (TAD) reactors, product holding tanks, de-watering equipment, and odour control.  FT undertook the following:

  • A review of available technologies for treatment of municipal sludge
  • The establishment of a large-scale pilot plant for the investigation of TAD and alkaline stabilisation
  • The selection of optimum technology for purpose
  • Conceptual and detailed design
  • Tendering and contractor selection
  • Construction contract management.

sludgePreparation of Sludge Management Plans

Clients: Cork County Council, Kerry County Council, Clare County Council, Limerick County Council, Limerick City Council, Mayo County Council, Westmeath County Council, North, Tipperary County Council, South Tipperary County Council, Monaghan County Council, Wicklow County Council.

Location:  Ireland

Capital Value: n/a

Key Facts: Short and long-term strategies for sludge management for municipal wastewater sludge, municipal water treatment sludge, private septic tank sludge, industrial sludges and agricultural slurries.

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The development of each of the plans followed a similar process, consisting of the following steps:

  • Reviewing the inventory of non-hazardous sludges arising in each county
  • Reviewing the suitable hub-centre and satellite locations
  • Planning for transportation of sludge to hub-centres
  • Evaluating suitable hub-centre locations
  • Evaluating the potential for agricultural use of biosolids
  • Evaluating the most suitable processes for biosolids production
  • Evaluating whole life costs of sludge management to include the role of service contracts with the private sector
  • Determining alternative biosolids management strategies
  • Providing recommendations for management of other non-hazardous sludges
  • Outlining quality control procedures
  • Designing a public information strategy.


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