FT offers the following services in relation to Safety Management Systems & Occupational Health & Safety Services:

  • Provision of a preliminary assessment to identify the measures necessary to install a SMS
  • Register of legislation
  • Preparation of SMS Manual, including risk assessments and safe operating procedures
  • Audits of SMS
  • Training
  • PSDP
  • PSCS


Our Projects

OHSASOHSAS 18001 Documentation

Client: Gareloch Support Services (Plant) Ltd

Location: Scotland

Capital Value: N/A

Key Facts: Development of a Safety Management System in accordance with the requirement of OHSAS 18001 for a marine contractor.

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FT was appointed by IKM Consulting to prepare health and safety documentation and formalise a Safety Management System for Greloch Support Services (GSS) in accordance with the requirements of OHSAS:18001.

OHSAS 18001 is an international occupational health and safety management system specification. It is the world’s most recognised occupational health and safety management systems standard.

As part of this commission FT prepared a Safety Management System Manual which was developed with reference to OHSAS 18002:2008 “Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems — Guidelines for the implementation of OHSAS 18001:2007”.

  • Volume 1 of the Safety Management System Manual specifically addressed the requirements of BS OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Volume 2 of the Safety Management System Manual included operational controls for all work carried out and outlined the controls in place for repeated operational tasks and hazards encountered on a regular basis.

GSS provides marine construction plant, qualified operators and technical support staff principally to the Ministry of Defence and the maritime construction industry. GSS specialises in all areas of marine construction and harbour and jetty maintenance. Typical projects include the installation of cables, construction of sea water outfalls, marine piling, marine demolition, marine construction, wind farm construction, construction of harbour and jetty structures, and marine support.

Other services that GSS typically provide to the marine construction industry are:

  • Bunkering – refuelling of vessels at sea
  • Removal and disposal of bilge water from marine vessels.

Landfill-FacilitiesDevelopment of Safety Management Systems for Landfill Facilities

Clients: Cork County Council, Carlow County Council

Location: Cork and Carlow, Ireland

Capital Value: n/a

Key Facts: Development of Safety Management Systems for operational landfill facilities and the provision of training on the implementation of these systems.

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The SMS’s developed, by FT, for these operational landfill and civic amenity sites included:

  • Operational Safety & Health Plans
  • Risk assessments
  • Safety Statements
  • Accident Prevention Policies.

This documentation identifies safe operating procedures for all activities at the facilities and forms the basis for a continuous, structured improvement in the safety performance of the facility.  It details the risk assessments and operational practices of the landfill and demonstrates a systematic approach to the management of the safety, health, and welfare of all involved in the operation of the facilities.

During development of the SMS, FT reviewed all aspects of the management of health and safety at the landfill sites.  FT prepared risk assessments for each activity and then developed a safe operating procedure in conjunction with the personnel managing and engaged in the activities on the ground.

An Operational Safety and Health Plan/Safety Statement containing the safe operating procedures, safety management programmes, corrective actions procedures, emergency response procedures, and accident prevention policies was produced for each site.

FT also delivered training on the operation of the SMS.

GaelscoilOccupational H&S Audit at Gaelscoil Ui Driscoeil, Glanmire

Client: Gaelscoil Uí Drisceoil, Board of Management

Location:  Cork, Ireland

Capital Value:  N/A

Key Facts:  To determine the current operational risks associated with dual use of the facility as a school on rugby club grounds.

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Gaelscoil Uí Drisceoil was founded in September 2006.  The Gaelscoil was set up in temporary accommodation at the Old Christians Rugby Club (OCRC) in Co. Cork.

FT was commissioned by the Principal and Secretary of the Gaelscoil Uí Drisceoil Board of Management to determine the current operational risks associated with dual use of the facility as a school on rugby club grounds.

The Irish Safety, Health and Welfare Act 2005 (S.I. No. 10 of 2005) and the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 (S.I. No. 299 of 2007) apply to all workplaces and the requirements of these statutory instruments informed the audit carried out by FT and the reported findings.

A risk assessment, based on a site walkover of the site was prepared.  It was based on visually observed risks associated with hazards to pupils, teachers and visitors to the school.  The risk assessment outlined 16 no. hazards associated with the situation current at the time.  It assessed the situation and outlined possible measures to potentially eliminate or control the hazards identified.

Recommendations for future development options for the school were also included in the report.

black-ashSafety Statement for Black Ash Park ‘n Ride Facility

Client:  Cork City Council

Location:  Cork, Ireland

Capital Value:  n/a

Key Facts: Re-development of a municipal landfill into a public park and ride facility.  The Blackash Road Park and Ride site was previously used as a landfill with municipal waste disposed.

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FT  Designed Ireland’s first purpose built park and ride facility at the site.  The facility includes an Administration Building and can cater for up to 900 cars and their passengers.

FT was commissioned to develop a Safety Statement for the Park ‘n Ride Facility by Cork City Council.  The document was developed for the site to be read with Cork City Council’s parent safety statement.

This included:

  • Safety Policy
  • Overview of site activities and operations
  • Review of relevant health and safety legislation; Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007, etc.
  • Details of the safety organisation, consultation mechanism,
  • Allocation of responsibility for safety, resourcing and training.
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment to ensure that the measures take account of changing circumstances, relevant legislation and the general principles of prevention.
  • ATEX Explosion Proof Document requirements.

HazardousCode of Practice for the Acceptance of Hazardous Waste at Civic Amenity

Client:  Environmental Protection Agency (IRE)

Location:  Ireland

Capital Value:  n/a

Key Facts: Development of a Code of Practice for the acceptance of the wide range of hazardous waste streams at civic amenity sites.

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FT were commissioned to develop this Code of Practice in consultation with civic amenity operators and the Irish Health and Safety Authority to establish the environmental and operational standards that are required at sites for the acceptance of the wide range of hazardous waste streams.

The project involved consultation with small businesses and their relevant trade associations to ascertain how they handled and disposed of these types of hazardous wastes and raising awareness among this sector of the hazardous waste acceptance facilities available at civic amenity (CA) sites.

In conjunction with civic amenity operators and local authority personnel, suitable arrangements for collection and transfer facilities of asbestos cement within the respective functional areas were identified to establish a preliminary national network of facilities.

A pilot training course and competency assessment scheme to cover procedures for each type of hazardous waste including its acceptance, identification, segregation, handling, storage, security arrangement, and emergency procedures; to ensure safe working environments for both CA site staff and customers was developed and delivered.

Activities undertaken by FT included:

  • Consultation with Small Business Sector
  • Preparation of Code of Practice for the Acceptance of Hazardous Waste at Civic Amenity Sites
  • Development and provision of pilot Training Course for Civic Amenity Sites Operatives and Facility Managers on acceptance of Hazardous Waste
  • Final Project Review and Report.

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