FT’s staff of engineers and environmental scientists provide inspection, testing, certification, feasibility, design and contract management services for projects such as industrial developments, buildings, civil and structural works, bunds and lagoons, drainage and water and waste water treatment systems and networks. FT has over twenty years' experience in the industrial sector, working on some of the very first pharmaceutical projects in the Cork region. FT's staff provide our clients with the highest standards of modern and robust design and technology in a wide range of industrial projects.

FT ensures that the combined expertise from our team of planners, engineers, policy analysts and environmental scientists deliver excellent results and appropriate solutions for our clients in the private industry. FT’s team combines engineering and scientific skills in a unified approach to achieve the right environmental balance for our clients in the design and construction of the engineered environment.

Our experience in industrial projects involves elements of project management, statutory compliance and detail design to guarantee our clients’ projects are delivered in a coordinated, timely and cost-effective manner. For over twenty years, FT has carried out detailed design of a large range of industrial projects, including in the pharmaceutical industry. Procurement methods utilised include front and engineering design, traditional design and construct and design and build contracts.

  • Bund and lagoon testing and certification
  • Construction supervision
  • Contract management
  • Design of roads and utility infrastructure
  • Detailed architectural, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical design of buildings
  • Effluent treatment
  • Inspection and condition assessment
  • Planning and environment impact assessment
  • Planning and permit compliance
  • Pre-acquisition/due diligence
  • Waste management
  • Water and wastewater management

FT’s staff of engineers and environmental scientists provide our clients with the highest standards of modern and robust design and technology in a wide range of industrial projects.

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3 offices throughout Ireland

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Engineering professionals & staff from 10+ nationalities

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70+ engineering professionals with civil, environmental, planning, geotechnical & ecological expertise

Why join FT

“I’m glad to have completed an engineering internship with FT. The breadth of experience gained, mentorship received and company culture made it a very rewarding experience.”

Dylan Whelan

Engineering Intern
Why join FT

Why join FT

“The opportunities and experience I have gained from working as part of the FT team has encouraged and very much supported my growth as a Geotechnical Engineer.”

Emily Archer

Senior Project Geotechnical Engineer
Why join FT

Why join FT

“As a Principal Engineer I have worked on major projects both nationally and internationally. I would highly recommend FT as a company working on best-in-class projects in an organisation where your impact is noticed and rewarded.”

James O'Neill

Principal Engineer
Why join FT

Why join FT

“Since joining FT in 2019 I have very rapidly and significantly expanded on my previous knowledge and experience. Working within a highly skilled and confident multidisciplinary team of experts has undoubtedly been a major positive of my experience in FT to date.”

Eoin O'Connor

Project Scientist
Why join FT

Why join FT

“As a Principal Ecologist I lead a team of eight ecologists with a wide range of expertise in the discipline. FT has provided our team with excellent support and training opportunities through ongoing CPD along with both practical and technical experience through the many high profile projects we have worked on.”

Jon Kearney

Principal Ecologist
Why join FT