FT’s specialist data management team develop digital management systems for local and global clients. FT has developed specialised design and operations management tools. FT’s customised web based front end mapping applications include a range of linked database management reporting systems.

FT has developed specialised design and operations management tools. Digital Management tools include web based front end mapping applications linked to a range of database management reporting tools.

FT specialises in facilitating access to and data flow between proprietary software packages in the environment and planning sectors.

FT manages this by producing company specific web front end applications that harnesses the engineering and science skills of specialist disciplines and specialist software applications and designs the front end to support seamless transfer of data to project activity.

Digital Management Services include:

  • Data capture and data validation to support GIS database management and assessment using specialised engineering tools
  • Engineering design support to interpret engineering consequences from audit assessments (e.g. flow, head-loss, pressure)
  • Generate automated management reports using crystal, SQL and other reporting tools
  • Generate semi-automated reports allowing targeted database interrogation and compliance reporting
  • Integrate specialised engineering software packages in a company specific web based front end application
  • Structure databases to accept and report on data

Software applications may include:

  • 3D interpretation of data inputs using surfer or other specialised software packages
  • Automated report generation
  • Data Capture, e.g. from:
    • Laboratories
    • SCADA systems e.g. in waste water treatment plants or heavy industry systems
  • Database management from single or multiple stations
  • Engineering assessment of data capture, validation, storage and distribution (e.g. the head-loss in pipelines, geotechnical data using proprietary packages or specialised spreadsheet applications)
  • GIS access to data inputs using proprietary databases, aerial photographs, LIDAR and topographic survey
  • GIS overlays
  • Land Registry and Asset Management database
  • Specialised data loggers, including:
    • Gas analysers
    • Leak detection
    • Air dispersion
  • Topographic mapping
  • Weather station outputs
  • Weighbridge records

FT guarantees a personal service while delivering complex, affordable and sustainable projects for local and global clients.

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3 offices throughout Ireland

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Engineering professionals & staff from 10+ nationalities

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70+ engineering professionals with civil, environmental, planning, geotechnical & ecological expertise

People love Fehily Timoney

“Working as a senior engineer in the structures team I get to work on a wide variety of exciting projects from some of the biggest major civil infrastructure projects to smaller one-off projects. I love the variety of work; two days are rarely the same.”

Tadhg Landers

Senior Engineer
People love Fehily Timoney

People love Fehily Timoney

“FT offers an excellent working experience, as each project requires a different skillset that all members of staff can contribute towards in a supportive work environment.”

Steve McCarthy

Project Planner
People love Fehily Timoney

People love Fehily Timoney

“Upon completing a three-month internship with FT, in conjunction with my Masters in Applied Environmental Geology, UCC, I gained invaluable practical and technical experience.”

Emily Archer

Graduate Geotechnical Engineer
People love Fehily Timoney

People love Fehily Timoney

“Following a decade of living and working abroad, I joined FT in 2015. Since then I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of exciting sustainable energy projects employing different technologies including onshore wind, solar PV, battery storage and anaerobic digestion.”

Trevor Byrne

Senior Engineer
People love Fehily Timoney

People love Fehily Timoney

“Since joining the infrastructure team at Fehily Timoney in 2017, I have had the opportunity to work alongside colleagues from other departments, gaining an insight into other aspects of the business. It has been great working on projects that cross-over into other departments to gain a different perspective on the same problem.”

Richard Power

Senior Project Engineer
People love Fehily Timoney

People love Fehily Timoney

“As the Principal Ecologist I lead a team of eight ecologists with a wide range of expertise in the discipline. FT has provided our team with excellent support and training opportunities through ongoing CPD along with both practical and technical experience through the many high profile projects we have worked on.”

Jon Kearney

Principal Ecologist
People love Fehily Timoney