MSD Brinny Civil and Structural Design and Inspection Services


Location: Brinny, Co. Cork, Ireland
Client: MSD Brinny
Status: Complete
Overall Project Value: N/A

Brief Description

MSD Brinny is a biopharmaceutical plant which specialises in the development, testing and manufacturing of biologics.


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FT Responsibilities

FT have carried out a number of projects at this facility to ensure compliance with MSD Brinny’s IPPC licence;

  • 7-day Hydrostatic testing of concrete bunds and 24-hr hydrostatic testing of mobile metal and plastic bunds in accordance with the BS 8007 “Design of concrete structures for retaining aqueous liquids”. This testing is required by the EPA every 3 years and all the bunds at this facility are divided into 3 groups of bunds with 1 group requiring testing every year. FT produced testing certificates and a report outlining the test procedure and the results.

  • Bund capacity review of all bunds on site to ensure that the volumes of tanks stored in the bunds are in accordance with EPA regulations.


  • Calculation of the depths at which rainwater should be emptied from each external bund to avoid overtopping of the bunds should a tank failure occur.


  • Decommissioning plan for an underground tank following the diversion of services from an unused section of the site.


  • Carried out inspections and created a repair strategy report for several damaged concrete bunds.


  • Visual inspection and certification of surface water lagoon.


  • Advise on the installation of automatic pumps at sumps and the construction of new access chambers to allow access for the weekly inspections.


  • Visual condition report based on a drone survey, of concrete tanks. The drone survey was required as the tanks are a confined space and no entry was allowed. This drone survey was carried out under FT supervision and direction.


Project Statistics

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Bunds must be tested every 3 years

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24-hr hydrostatic testing of mobile metal and plastic bunds was conducted

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7-day Hydrostatic testing of concrete bunds was conducted