Cherry Orchard Residential Development

Urban Development

Location: Dublin 10, Ireland
Client: MDY Construction Ltd.
Status: Complete
Overall Project Value: €3k

Brief Description

FT were commissioned by MDY Construction to undertake an assessment of tender and post-tender site investigation information at the Cherry Orchard Housing Development which is located on former green area and playing fields bounded by the Orchard Lawns, Croftwood Crescent and Blackditch Roads in Cherry Orchard, Dublin 10. The proposed development for the site comprises of 72 No. two story residential dwellings.

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FT Responsibilities

Previous site investigations including limited environmental sampling for soils had been undertaken prior to the commencement of construction activities. which suggests the material would be classified as Non-Hazardous. This testing frequency was not be considered to be adequate in accordance with the relevant codes of practice to allow classification of the materials at the site.

Due to the limited environmental sampling undertaken to date, FT deemed that further environmental assessment of soils at the site during construction was required to determine the suitability for reuse and categorisation of the waste status of material to be removed from site for disposal.

FT supervised and managed intrusive investigations and soil/made ground sampling program to complete a comprehensive assessment of the contaminative status of soils/made ground at the development. This included analysis of laboratory testing, completion of generic risk assessment and recommendations for material reuse or disposal options for materials at the site.

Project Statistics

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72 no. two story residential dwellings

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2 waste Acceptance Classification (WAC) samples submitted

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Total of 4 trial pits dug