Our range of GIS services includes:

  • Data capture and conversion
  • Review and analysis of business objectives and information needs
  • Development of GIS and data management strategies and work plans
  • Database design and modelling
  • Objective advice on data management solutions and application development
  • Guidance on the development and management of metadata
  • Spatial analysis, map and data output.


rsz_1solar_site_search_image_1Solar Energy – Solar Site Search

Client:  Various

Location:  Ireland

Capital Value: N/A

Key Facts: FT has been retained by a number of clients to identify lands for the development of solar farms.

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The site selection process which is undertaken is based on the following steps:

  1. A search zone is created a specified distance around the existing transmission line.
  2. The planning policy and zoning objectives contained within County and Local Area Plans are considered.
  3. The strategic site search undertakes an assessment of the surrounding Natura 2000 sites and national ecological designations.
  4. OPW Flooding extent data is reviewed to eliminate areas which may require a Flood Risk assessment to be undertaken as part of the planning application process.
  5. The landscape Policy and Heritage Policy for the County are reviewed to eliminate sensitive landscape areas.

Solar Site Search_Image 2

The resulting search area is them assessed for parcels of land of appropriate size to accommodate a solar farm.

Our Projects

rsz_1planning_&_environmental_report_-_image_1_-_copySolar Energy – GIS to Support Planning and Environmental Reports for Solar Planning Applications

Client:  Various

Location:  Ireland

Capital Value: N/A

Key Facts: FT has been retained by a number of clients to to prepare planning applications for proposed solar energy developments.

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The accompanying Planning and Environmental Reports set out the key characteristics of the proposed development, describing the potential impact of the development and mitigation measures where necessary. The GIS team support this process by producing mapping in relation to the following:


  • Hydrology & flooding
  • Policy context
  • Cultural heritage
  • Ecology
  • Traffic and transportation
  • Landscape & visuals – zone of theoretical visibility mapping
  • Landscape management plan

Planning & Environmental Report - Image 2


Greenwire – Wind Energy Export Project

Client:  Element Power

Location:  Ireland

Capital Value: c. €8 bn

Key Facts: GIS for a wind energy export project involving the proposed construction of approximately 700 wind turbines with a combined output of 3 GW.

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FT was retained to prepare the environmental impact statements for multiple wind farm developments of proposed across five counties in the Irish Midlands.  As part of this brief FT was tasked to produce all wind farm required reports which included an extensive suite of GIS mapping.

To support this multi-disciplinary project the FT GIS team responsibilities include:

  • Assessing available spatial datasets for the project
  • Collection, quality control and desktop mapping
  • Survey planning and weekly production of site specific survey mapping
  • Integration of data for a wide range of different survey teams
  • Managing and distributing spatial datasets to project partners in multiple formats and projections
  • Creation of quality control systems for all GIS mapping and data.

The GIS team has set up systems to deal with continuous changes across the multiple sites and to make the data management as quick and efficient as possible, without compromising on the quality of the mapping, reports, and data.  Efficient batch production methods were developed alongside quality control systems to ensure the seamless delivery of the project.

jeddah-solidJeddah Solid Waste Data Assessment and Analysis Reporting

Client:  AECOM

Location:  Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Capital Value:  n/a

Key Facts: Development of geospatial data losses of environmental topics for The Jeddah Environmental Assessment (JEA) and Jeddah Environmental and Social Master Plan (JESMP).

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FT in partnership with Ramboll Middle East was retained to conduct the Jeddah Environmental Assessment (JEA) and develop the Jeddah Environmental and Social Master Plan (JESMP) for the Governorate of Jeddah.

Sustained and rapid growth of Jeddah, the second city in Saudi Arabia, has given rise to significant degradation of the region’s environment.  State agencies have set about addressing these problems through a series of programmes aimed at enhancing the quality of the urban environment.

FT co-ordinated the collation of geospatial databases for the city, provided support for modelling environmental components.  Online access to detailed mapping and environmental data for project partners through a WEB based mapping and environmental reporting portal.

Water-QualityWater Quality and GIS Management System

Client: Monaghan County Council

Location:  Ireland

Capital Value:  n/a

Key Facts:  Design, development, and calibration of a GIS model to predict areas of highest risk to water quality.

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The aim of this project was to identify the causes of a decline in surface water quality within the county.  FT collated, mapped and reviewed in excess of 40 environmental datasets and their impacts on water quality.  A GIS system was developed to provide easy access to a wide range of environmental datasets.  Tasks completed by FT include:

•    Review current Geographical Information Systems (GIS) practices •    Review Existing River/Lake Monitoring Programmes •    Profile of Trends in Water Quality •    Quantifying Impact of Point Discharges •    Assessment and mapping of Soil Nutrient Data •    GIS Modelling of Data •    Examination of Pilot Catchment Study Proposal •    Development of the GIS model.

FT designed and calibrated a computer-based Phosphorus Loss Model.  The outputs from the model identified hotspots of surface water pollution within the County.  FT designed a hydrometric network for water quality monitoring, which included the evaluation of pollution loads from municipal and industrial point discharges.

Derrincullig-Wind-FarmDerrincullig Wind Farm

Client:  Board Gáis Energy

Location:  Kerry, Ireland

Capital Value: n/a

Key Facts: GIS analysis to identify the most suitable location for wind turbines based on environmental and physical constraints.

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Geospatial analysis was employed to identify the most appropriate location for wind turbines.   Constraint mapping was produced in which slope, peat-depth and proximity to: houses, telecommunication infrastructure, riparian zones, designated sites and archaeology; were taken into account.  This identified potential locations for turbines.

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