Our services include:

  • Facility energy survey
  • Operational review
  • Energy management system review
  • Identification of all energy streams and annual consumption
  • Development of energy performance indicators
  • Audit recommendations, including investment costs, pay back time, delegation of responsibilities and environmental impact.



Our Projects

youghalYoughal Landfill

Client: Cork County Council

Location: Cork, Ireland

Capital Value: N/A

Key Facts: An audit of the energy efficiency of Youghal Landfill

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The work carried out by FT included an energy audit of the existing landfill cells, all facility buildings, services and activities, and off site tankering of leachate.

Prior to commencement of the energy audit an audit programme was composed and submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (IRE) for review.  Following feedback from the EPA, a comprehensive energy audit was completed by FT for the site.  This audit comprised of two reports.

The first report was a detailed energy audit for the entire site. The second report was a summary report for submission to the EPA as part of the Annual Environment Report (AER).

These reports followed the guidelines given in the Guidance Note on Energy Efficiency Auditing published by the EPA.

youghalDerryclure Landfill – Energy Audit

Client: Offaly County Council

Location: Offaly, Ireland

Capital Value: €1 M

Key Facts: An audit of the energy efficiency of Derryclure Landfill

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As part of an Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) waste licensing requirement, FT was commissioned to complete an energy audit of the Derryclure Landfill Facility.  A desktop survey followed by a site energy survey was carried out.  The EPA guidelines on energy auditing were used as the basis for the report.  Energy streams were reviewed and a list of recommendations was made for reducing energy costs and carbon dioxide emissions.

Information gathered during the audit included quantification of energy usage, fuel usage and assessment of on site practices in relation to energy use.  This information was further analysed and recommendations on more efficient energy practices were made.


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